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How can we more powerfully engage Healthcare consumers?

If you understand what people want, you’ll understand how to best market for them.

Following are two strategic imperatives and seven corresponding strategies for how we can all create greater personal relevance and engagement for our healthcare brands by catering to core consumer desires.

With healthcare becoming more individualized, consumers are demanding marketing that reaches them in ways that are more personally salient. What are they really looking for out of their providers? How do they make the decision on where they spend their healthcare dollars?

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Video Discussion: How the Coronavirus is impacting healthcare perceptions and behaviors

On June 4, 2020, we conducted an online discussion with Rob Klein, founder and CEO of Klein and Partners, covering key highlights of the second wave of his national study: How is the Coronavirus Impacting Healthcare Perceptions and Behaviors. This study, fielded in May 2020, provides valuable and immediately actionable insights for healthcare marketing and communications professionals.
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