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Core Health is a healthcare marketing agency that helps mid-market health systems and healthcare brands overcome their biggest external and internal marketing challenges. For more than two decades, we have put the patient at the center of our thinking, using our research and insight-based approach to develop breakthrough creative. By always challenging you to see things through the lens of your customers, we will help you achieve our shared purpose – helping people live healthier, more purposeful lives.

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Emotional Connections

Let’s make the crucial emotional connections you need to motivate your audience. We help you focus on finding “the why,” identifying what your audience needs to feel and communicating that with standout, memorable creative that is always driven by clearly defined strategy. Our team of senior-level experts gives you access to robust strategic and creative marketing communications solutions you need to make a difference in your market.

Step-by-step. Hand-in-hand. Right when you need it.

Our healthcare marketing services combine into a solution unique to your audience, market and challenges. We've built our team and processes to provide methodical, flexible and scalable marketing communications plans that deliver the results you need and a relationship you can count on.

  • Maximize Brand Strength
  • Build Digital Marketing and Web Presence
  • Enhance Employee Recruitment and Retention
  • Increase Patient Acquisition and Loyalty
  • Boost Reputation Management (Sentiment)
  • Improve Service Line Promotion
  • Plan, Manage and Launch Special Events
  • Just-in-time, Need-it-now Projects

For those who are ready, we’ll help define and build your brand through our collaborative, scalable 5D Brand Process, with clear milestones and outputs your entire organization will use. Many of our clients enjoy collaborative workshops that help us identify and define their purpose, messaging and design preferences, providing confidence as we work together.

Whatever your need, we always meet it as partners.

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how can we more powerfully engage healthcare consumers?

If you understand what people want, you’ll understand how to best market for them. Learn about two strategic imperatives and seven corresponding strategies for how we can all create greater personal relevance and engagement for our healthcare brands by catering to core consumer desires.

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