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Know your options when embarking on a healthcare website redesign project

There are many choices to make when beginning your healthcare website redesign. Decisions made on technology and project management, as well as the user experience, brand and content, have far-reaching ramifications on the redesign project itself. That includes the years of website administration and management ahead of you.

How can you ensure you have a well-rounded view of all your options?

Download our cheat sheet with 5 topics to cover with your web development partner — and the questions to ask — to ensure a successful website redesign.

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#1 Technology

The content management system (CMS) you choose for your organization is an important decision. Your CMS should be flexible enough to connect with multiple systems, powerful enough to launch with — or grow into — the right features and intuitive enough to maintain without extensive training. It's important to know what implications a recommended technology may have on your desired features, ease of use, security and licensing costs.

#2 Brand

The way you talk about your brand is a make-or-break component for any website redesign. Ensure your partner bases a website design and content on a clearly-articulated position to effectively communicate your organization’s unique value.

#3 User Experience

Understanding your users and their goals is crucial to a great user experience. Keep in mind that your website is just one component of the user experience. Ensure your web development partner has a solid, user-focused approach to optimizing the full user experience. They should be able to articulate exactly what role the website plays in the user journey, and provide ongoing support and optimization through analytics and strategic recommendations.

#4 Content

A website is nothing without great content. Copy, images, video and animation all contribute to the experience — and poorly-done content can ruin it. Ensure your partner can strategically recommend, develop, and coordinate content creation for your website.

#5 Project Management

There are countless methodologies and processes for project management. Understanding the benefits of one style over another, and how it works with your needs, could be the difference between a successful project launch and one that struggles. Ensure your partner has fine-tuned their project management approach for flexibility and discovery.  

Download our cheat sheet with 5 topics to cover with your web development partner — and the questions to ask — to ensure a successful website redesign.