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Video Discussion: How the Coronavirus is impacting healthcare perceptions and behaviors

New research provides actionable insights for healthcare marketing and communications professionals

On June 4, 2020, we conducted an online discussion with Rob Klein, founder and CEO of Klein and Partners, covering key highlights of the second wave of his national study: How is the Coronavirus Impacting Healthcare Perceptions and Behaviors. This study, fielded in May 2020, provides valuable and immediately actionable insights for healthcare marketing and communications professionals.

In this 50-minute session, you’ll learn answers to the following important questions:

  • What are consumers feeling now?
  • What is their level of concern about getting coronavirus and other current worries?
  • How concerned are they about rescheduling care in various care settings?
  • What new behaviors are healthcare consumers doing during the pandemic? What do they intend to continue doing after the pandemic?
  • What types of appointments and procedures have patients had to reschedule? What have they done about them?
  • What must we do to ease patient safety and access concerns, to get them back into physical care settings?
  • What specific safety-related messages are most likely to ease concerns?
  • What would make patients switch providers now?

For a text-format summary of actionable study highlights, read our previous article: How the pandemic is affecting healthcare behavior — and how to start bringing patients back.

Would you like to learn about actionable market research as soon as it is released?

The third wave of the Klein and Partners study will be fielded in June, 2020. Fill out the form below if you'd like to receive a copy of the results and be invited to the online discussion about the findings.

Many of our clients are using this research or a budget-friendly version of the study fielded in their unique markets to guide their healthcare marketing and communications efforts. Gaining deeper insight into your market’s current needs is a wise investment to ensure you are getting the most return on your marketing dollars.

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